A Revolution in Urban Agriculture

Rooted in Hull is an urban agriculture concept based on a farm in a box.  We are in the process of turning that concept into reality.

Our plan is to create a unique micro agriculture enterprise in the heart of the City of Hull, a city with no permanent land available.

We have designed the project to be structurally mobile and self sufficient. Mobility is an essential part of the project allowing it to make the most of vacant development sites in the area as an “in the meantime” site use.

Our approach is

modular in design allowing for phased development as ideas develop and funding in secured.

Now we have secured the site and planning permission, we are in the process of transforming the land and organising the first modules for installation.



designed by Ettridge Architecture.

The main structures for the project will be based on container architecture eventually housing a café, shop, toilets and a multipurpose room. Containers will also incorporate modern and innovative growing and food processing facilities such as LED growing, mushroom house, aquaponics, even a micro mill and bakery. Outside growing areas will constructed using mobile raised beds designed to take multiple structures including: traditional chicken folds; poly tunnels and cold frames. Fruit trees in tubs, a movable pig pen and other growing and livestock features. For power and sustainability, we aim to have solar panels and other renewable energy technologies.  This approach will allow us to inhabit vacant sites but will allow developers to regain their land when required as the project infrastructure can be loaded onto lorries and relocated to a new sites close by.

The farms purpose is support improvements in physical and mental health through knowledge and experience of food, particularly for those affected by poverty. Our approach will also help build employment skills and improve the city environment.