Our Vision for Innovative Urban Agriculture in Hull

Our Vision for Innovative Urban Agriculture in Hull

Rooted in Hull – A space in which people can celebrate the wide range of ways individuals, families and communities enjoy food.

Food plays a critical role at multiple levels:  for the individual, food choices can support health and economic resilience; for the family, food can embed values and a sense of stability; in the community, food underpins identity through ingredients, cultural style and events.

Rooted in Hull’s vision is to create a community space for growing fruit, vegetables and rearing livestock for fish, meat, eggs and honey in the heart of the City, ingredients that  reflect the cities inhabitants and their identities and to provide a venue for interpreting, celebrating and showcasing this.

In recognition of the dynamic nature of cities and the availability of vacant development sites, to build the growing space on a high quality free standing platform using structures such as container architecture and planters enabling the farm to migrate around the city with the change in land use.

The role of the farm will be to provide opportunities for people to learn about food and where it comes from, experience unusual food and understand nutrition.   The farm will also be to interpret the impact on the environment of food, farming and distribution.  The learning opportunities will be structured to support improving health and wellbeing.

The farm will support less affluent communities in and around the city to become more resilient through making informed choices and to increase understanding of, and the contribution alternative customs make to wider society.

Rooted in Hull has been set up as a not for profit Company Limited by Guarantee.

Statement of Purpose

As an accessible community resource, Rooted in Hull aims to be an innovative urban agriculture project that is dedicated to the following purposes:

To provide education and training about growing food, preparing healthy food from fresh ingredients and promoting health eating.

To provide space and activities that will enhance health and wellbeing and lift aspirations

To interpret the impact of existing agriculture and distribution systems of food resources on the environment and society

To be a platform for communicating alternative approaches to food growing and distribution

To celebrate and interpret food and its links to culture and identity

To provide a model approach to city regeneration with particular emphasis on maximising the sustainable productivity of temporary land

To provide a pathway for non traditional groups to enter agriculture and promote job creation in agriculture and food.



The current economic model in which business’ operate, the norm is to seek economic opportunity first and foremost.  However, at Rooted in Hull, we believe strongly that our role as an organisation is to be successful in delivering on all three measures of sustainability: Economic, Social and Environmental.

Economic Performance

With respect to our Economic aims, we prefer the term ‘For Purpose’ to ‘Not For Profit’ as we plan to generate an income and, in time, modest profits to ensure that we can be maintain a level of independence, free from the boom and bust of grant funding for projects and become a truely sustainable enterprise.  The income generated will be invested in development the farm and the communities that contribute to its successes.  This is recognised in our structure as a non profit distributing company.  Our economic performance will be measured in the normal way through our accounting practices

Social Performance

To ensure that remain true to our Social aims, we have appointed five independent members to a Social Audit Board.  The boards main role will be:

‘To oversee and guide a social audit process, ensuring that proper processes have been undertaken, to set and monitor social targets and to deliver an end of year social audit report’

The Social Report will sit along side our annual accounts and will be used to highlight how we have delivered against our state Vision and Objectives

For information about the members of the Social Audit Board, click here

Environmental Performance

Over the coming months, we will be working on a strategy that sets out how we will monitor and evaluate our environmental performance

St. Peter St. Hull HU91AA Rooted in Hull, A Company Limited by Guarantee, Registered in England no.9010389
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