A Vision for Innovative Urban Agriculture in Hull

Rooted in Hull – A space in which people can celebrate the wide range of ways individuals, families and communities enjoy food.

Food plays a critical role at multiple levels:  for the individual, food choices can support health and economic resilience; for the family, food can embed values and a sense of stability; in the community, food underpins identity through ingredients, cultural style and events.

Rooted in Hull’s vision is to create a community space for growing fruit, vegetables and rearing livestock for fish, meat, eggs and honey in the heart of the City, ingredients that  reflect the cities inhabitants and their identities and to provide a venue for interpreting, celebrating and showcasing this.

In recognition of the dynamic nature of cities and the availability of vacant development sites, to build the growing space on a high quality free standing platform using structures such as container architecture and planters enabling the farm to migrate around the city with the change in land use.

The role of the farm will be to provide opportunities for people to learn about food and where it comes from, experience unusual food and understand nutrition.   The farm will also be to interpret the impact on the environment of food, farming and distribution.  The learning opportunities will be structured to support improving health and wellbeing.

The farm will support less affluent communities in and around the city to become more resilient through making informed choices and to increase understanding of, and the contribution alternative customs make to wider society.

Rooted in Hull has been set up as a not for profit Company Limited by Guarantee.