Local Growers

We aim to bring together all of our local growers in one place, working with them to promote local produce and encourage people to enjoy good, nutritious food.  All organisations mentioned here have a positive social impact and they all contribute towards the wellbeing of communities.  
We have gathered them together in one place to make it easier for people to see where we are all based.  We are all learning together – we are not experts! – but we want to encourage and enthuse people to be growing food at home and appreciate what good, fresh food really tastes like and how it can be used to create tasty and nutritious meals.  We have all it takes to get started and be sustainable, providing an alternative to the traditional food chain.  Locally grown food has endless benefits, including ecological, economical, educational and general well-being.

Twisted Greens Ltd

Local producers of fresh, nutritious and organic microgreens. They provide tailor made orders delivered to your door that add a twist to any dish or drink! Pay them a visit on their website Location-57 Peel Street off Spring Bank. Contact number- 07576734747

Frith Farm

Frith is a new local farm to the Hull and Beverley area, we aim to provide local people with quality food and improve the way in which food is produced and distributed. Frith places a major focus on quality; combining chemical-free, fresh produce with sustainable production and distribution methods. Website Location Frith Farm, Grange Lane, Beverley, East Riding of Yorkshire. Contact number 07927206216

Thornton Allotment Association

The allotment has over 35 plot holders. It is located in one of the most deprived areas in Hull. They have recently built a community hut for members to enjoy and it is used for board meetings when the weather is bad. The hut also used as a shop to sell fresh produce. The allotment has over 10 different nationalities as members and it is run by volunteers. It is a very diverse and family-friendly place. The allotment also works in partnerships with Goodwin Development Trust.

Cosmo Community CIC

Cosmo believes that there are many ways in which we can enrich the lives of those we help.  We run a range of educational courses, from business and employment skills to tending the community allotment and planting trees in the neighbourhood.  Our aim is to make provision for improving social, language and digital skills to those most in need of such support.  These areas are key to personal development and increasing self confidence and self worth.  Combining our knowledge of the digital and business world with our appreciation of nature, we have created an effective and comprehensive formula.  We believe it’s where these two worlds meet that we can have the most impact.

Location St. Peter St. Hull HU9 1AA Hours A Company Limited by Guarantee, No.9010389
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